TEAMS ERP with Integrated SIS — the Power of One

“We decided to move forward with TEAMS because of the cloud-based system, electronic workflow, substitute assignment capabilities, digital documentation and storage options, and the all-in-one database. It was also appealing that TEAMS is concentrated on Texas Districts only, at a reasonable price point.”

David Atkeisson

Chief Financial Officer, Palestine ISD

“For me, I knew there had to be a system that was ‘all-in-one’ and easy to use. It didn’t make sense to have several different individual systems. We evaluated our current systems, reviewed others, and came to a consensus that we needed a change. After the presentations, we felt TEAMS offered us the best option for a complete system and we are expecting a friendly conversion.  We have been working toward going completely paperless, and we felt TEAMS was more of an answer to finish out that goal. I think we are going to lose a lot of redundancy in functions we have had by going to TEAMS.”

Robert Whitman

Assistant Superintendent of Human and Student Resources, Willis ISD

“Having a single database relate all of the variables involved with the education of our students allows us the ultimate in information access, which translates into better decision-making as we continue to improve student learning.”

Jim Hirsch

Associate Superintendent for Academic and Technology Services (Retired), Plano ISD

“The TEAMS mobile app has allowed me to stay connected with my son’s teachers, grades and attendance – and it doesn’t matter where I happen to be during the day. At home, at the office and while on business trips, all I need, is my smartphone. Thank you TEAMS, the app is now part of my daily life.”

D. Silverman

Parent of Austin ISD Student, Austin ISD

“With TEAMS, our HR staff is finally able to track our staffing changes, (incoming, outgoing and current) and match that data to our student, financial and state reporting. Being able to leverage that information for use with our student system is a great advantage.”

Kevin Bogue

Director of Information Systems, Tyler, ISD

“The extensive and complete Referential Integrity constraints built into the TEAMS database tables was essential in our being able to troubleshoot and fix the PCN problems we encountered on Friday and over the weekend. I just wanted to let everyone know how valuable that feature of TEAMS proved. It did what R.I. is supposed to do, which is keep the data in an internally consistent state. Declared R.I. in the database is advocated by every single competent database modeler, developer, and DBA. The events of this past weekend were just a part of the value that the R.I. in TEAMS brings to us.

I just wish our other entire Vendors’ databases had such complete R.I. built in as TEAMS does.”

Database Administrator, Austin ISD