Data Services

Prologic offers a wide array of professional services to help you support and extend the functionality of the TEAMS ERP as your district’s needs dictate. Our programmers can respond to unique data challenges with custom programming solutions tailored for your district.

Data Conversion

Prologic built its conversion process around ensuring data integrity when migrating to TEAMS. We offer the option of converting into a User Acceptance environment, which enables you to view the data through the User Interface before pushing to production. Additionally, when necessary, we have created internal environments for districts to fast-track conversion while they are procuring hardware.

Custom Report Writing

The TEAMS ERP comes with hundreds of distributed reports, but if your district would like to customize a report or have a report designed specifically for you, Prologic report writers can perform requirements analysis and create the report you need.

Interface Development

Our clients typically find that the TEAMS ERP replaces many of their third-party products, but should your district need an interface to a third-party product, Prologic can set up the interface, perform any required custom programming, and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

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