More than Just Software

Implementation Services 

Project Management

Prologic provides superior project management to get your district up and running on the TEAMS ERP on time and on budget. Because Prologic designed TEAMS from the ground up with the help of school districts, the system is industry-intelligent and does not require customization, which means you can have an off-the-shelf implementation. For each client implementation, we assign a dedicated, experienced Project Manager, who works to understand your district’s processes and manages ongoing project activities. In addition, Prologic uses an online project management tool so that you can see the progress of your implementation on the Web through every phase of the project

Client Services 


Prologic combines general training knowledge with the specific programmatic knowledge to provide successful training packaged. Based on your district’s size and needs, Prologic can train end-users directly or use a train-the-trainer approach.

Consulting, Configuration & Set-up

Prologic provides on-site or off-site consulting and is able to assist with new projects or advise you on a planned implementation. Our Consultants are experts in configuring the TEAMS system, and many Prologic employees have real-world K-12 experience.

 Data Services 

Data Conversion

Prologic built its conversion process around ensuring data integrity when migrating to TEAMS. We offer the option of converting into a User Acceptance environment, which enables you to view the data through the User Interface before pushing to production. Additionally, when necessary, we have created internal environments for districts to fast-track conversion while they are procuring hardware.

Interface Development

Our clients typically find that the TEAMS ERP replaces many of their third-party products, but should your district need an interface to a third-party product, Prologic can set up the interface, perform any required custom programming, and provide ongoing maintenance and support.


Custom Report Writing

The TEAMS ERP comes with hundreds of distributed reports, but if your district would like to customize a report or have a report designed specifically for you, Prologic report writers can perform requirements analysis and create the report you need.

 IT Services 

Hosting Services

The cloud enables you to scale as you grow, have better utilization, provide operation efficiency, and lower capital investments. Prologic offers a hosted TEAMS solution that is managed by us and allows for access from anywhere.

Managed Services

Managed Services is an offering from Prologic to fully manage the software, equipment, and on-premise IT environment to effectively run TEAMS.

Disaster Recovery Services

Prologic has an affordable full data backup solution that provides several options for offsite data replication, just in case of a disaster.