TEAMS for Finance

Up-to-date Data helps with Financial Accuracy
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TEAMS for Finance

Ensure accuracy, with up-to-date data and ready access for authorized district personnel to the financial information they need instantly.

TEAMS for Finance provides an efficient method of managing complex K-12 financial processes. TEAMS finance functionality is designed to be intelligent and cohesive to streamline processes and ensure accuracy. For example, financial encumbrances are created the instant a requisition is entered into the system, and if the requisition is denied, the funds are immediately released. Always allowing for 100% real-time data, therefore knowing exactly how much your district has spent and how much of the budget is still available. All authorized district personnel have ready access to this information without having to involve additional district staff.

Capabilities of TEAMS for Finance


General Ledger

Non-Personnel Budgeting


Warehouse Management


Asset Management


Work Order

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