The Intelligent Solution for Your School District

TEAMS makes it easier to do the important work.

There is no need to waste time remembering several passwords or to enter data in multiple places. With one single sign-on and data that instantly populates throughout your entire system, TEAMS is the best choice for every member of your school district.

TEAMS Enterprise Features

TEAMS is equipped with functionality that provides easy and secure access to real-time data across all areas of the platform.

TEAMS For Human Resource

Efficiently manage HR tasks, approvals, and workforce by automating your current business process within a single database.

TEAMS for Finance

Ensure accuracy with up-to-date data and give all authorized district personnel have ready access to financial information they need instantly.

TEAMS For Student

Ease the burden on your staff and allow them to focus more attention and resources on achieving your educational goals.

Benefits of TEAMS

Improve Data Accrancy

 With every data entry being distributed across all areas of your system

Increase Visability

With easy access to information necessary to make informed decisions

Streamline Your Process

With automated workflows and administrative tasks

Reduce Costs

By diminishing the use of 3rd party applications and elimination paper processes

“Having a single database relate all of the variables involved with the education of our students allows us the ultimate in information access, which translates into better decision-making as we continue to improve student learning.” Jim Hirsch

Associate Superintendent for Academic and Technology Services (Retired), Plano ISD

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