"We know from experience how complex the business of K-12 is to administer. Our job is to make educators' lives simpler, and we work hard to do that every day."

- Jeff Pepper, President, Prologic
Meet the Team

About Prologic

Prologic has over 25 years business experience and has long been known for providing school districts with superior service and support. From our experience as a support company, we saw the dramatic shortcomings of legacy systems that had been patched together to meet growing information and reporting requirements. We wanted to create a product that took advantage of new technology and was an industry-intelligent solution.

In 1992, Texas Educational Consultative Services (TECS) formed a division to maintain and support NCS Pearson products. In 1998, this core group incorporated from TECS to form Prologic. Our task was to make CIMS III and SASIxp a viable product in Texas. In 1999, Prologic entered into an agreement with Plano, Texas, Independent School District (PISD) to provide a staffed resource center, in addition to standard system support. The responsibilities of the center included on-site support, hardware and software maintenance, large-scale reporting, printing, report card distribution, and the coordination of other mass mailings. From this background and experience, we saw the need for a next-generation solution designed especially for the K-12 industry. In 2005, we launched the TEAM.

Prologic is committed to improving the quality of education by providing the school districts with an industry-intelligent administrative system that is designed to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and meet reporting requirements.

Transition towards a paperless workplace

Minimize the need for multiple third-party products



Reduce the risk of data entry errors and duplicate data


Increase visibility into information necessary to make informed decisions


Maintain 100% real-time information across the district


Prepare for growth with a scalable solution