AUSTIN, Texas (Aug. 15, 2017)— Prologic Technology Systems has released Total Education Administrative Management Solution (TEAMS) 2.0. TEAMS users will have a new login screen, dashboards, an updated navigation tool, and an enhanced catalog of instructional videos and software documentation via the new Information Center. The dashboards are an exciting new feature in TEAMS, with this enhancement, reports can be visualized (graphs & charts) and accessed from the main screen of TEAMS.  “We have listened to our clients’ feedback and have made changes based on their input. We believe that TEAMS 2.0 will exceed the expectations of our users,”  Jeff Pepper, President, Prologic Technology Systems.


2.0 Highlights:

  • Workbench. The menu bar is now a workbench with an easy to use Search feature and updated organization.
  • Dashboards. Create your own custom dashboards with the reports, web pages, external applications, workflows, and TEAMS menus.
  • Tables. Apply filters, sort data, drag/drop to rearrange columns, freeze columns in place, resize tables to fit your screen, and re-size rows to fit the data.
  • Reports. Visualized graphical reports can be included on dashboards, with drill down capability in the reports to view details.
  • Information Center. Access to announcements, Online Help, software documentation, videos, and context specific enhancements within the TEAMS.

TEAMS 2.0 is the next chapter for the finance, human resources, and student management solution from Prologic. With 2.0, Prologic reinforces its adaptability in the ever-changing K-12 technology landscape.  “The release of TEAMS 2.0 is our response to the needs of our clients. We have changed the look of TEAMS, but not the business intelligence that is at the heart of the system,” Gary Axtman, COO, Prologic Technology Systems.

About Prologic Technology Systems, Inc.
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Prologic Technology Systems has been solely focused on delivering intelligent software solutions to the K-12 market since 1992. TEAMS seamlessly bridge the silos of finance, human resource and student information into a single, cohesive database capable of real-time reporting and simplified collaboration among district teachers, students, administrators and parents.

Media Contact:
Calvin Williams