Prologic Technology Systems has recently released an extraordinary addition to its financial reporting tools within the TEAMS ERP solution. Flexible Financial Reporting is designed to aid in the reporting and analysis of complex financial reporting requirements, without the need to involve technical or programming staff. This tool allows end users of TEAMS to design financial reports to be distributed within a department, campus, district and/or for school board reporting requirements. Flexibility in the report design allows users to create custom reports by Fiscal Year or Program Year funds. By utilizing Position Account Access, reports utilize the defined account access for the users they are distributed to, therefore campus personnel are able to generate reports restricting the data to their campus.  The report creator controls the name, year, sections, rows, totals, columns, groups, font and distribution list for the report created. Distribution options include: role, position, security role, location and employee.

When running a report, user selection options include:

  • Fiscal year/program year
  • Report to run
  • As of date and
  • Output type (PDF or Excel)

Reporting flexibility, end-user control over report design, advanced reporting features, all without the need to involve technical or programming staff, allows district personnel to create the reports they need, when needed and distribute to district staff and board members in a timely fashion.

Reports might include:

  • Budget Summary of Revenues & Expenditures
  • Final Budget
  • Campus Budget
  • Revenue Report
  • Rounding Report
  • Food Service – Control Account Report
  • Program Report for YTD Activity

About Prologic Technology Systems, Inc.

Prologic is the first advanced technology solution for K-12 school district administration and student management. Prologic’s Total Education Administrative Management Solution (TEAMS ERP™) seamlessly bridges the silos of finance, human resource and student information into a single, cohesive database capable of real-time reporting and simplified collaboration among district teachers, students, administrators and parents. TEAMS ERP is ideal for school districts requiring a robust, yet easy-to-use system that is highly scalable and configurable. Prologic has been solely focused on delivering intelligent software solutions to the K-12 market since 1992. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Calvin Williams